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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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he says newcomer is just what the party needs. >> election after election has >> thank you so much. shown us that putting forward a new perspective is how democrats win the white house and we will that wraps up this hour on "fox win the white house. and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues up next. >> reporter: the biggest surprise of the night, amy klobuchar beating expectations and finishing third. she said she shows what she can >> this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. do during the impeachment trial. >> i am so happy. we are taking on billionaires i have beaten the odds more than and candidates funded by that. i'm not bolted to my senate desk anymore. i made a big difference in new hampshire. billionaires. >> the state that goes by the motto live free or die. plenty of you decided a middle-class mayor and a veteran >> reporter: nevada is up next on february 2, '02, south carolina on the 20 ninth. from the industrial midwest was both statefinish in new hampshire. >> we just heard from the first the right choice to take on this president. two of 50 states, two of them. not all the nation. >> thank you, new hampshire. hello, america. not have to nation.
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i'm amy klobuchar and i will not a quarter of the nation. beat donald trump. not 10%. two. where i come from that is "the opening bell". not the closing bell. ♪ i was born free >> reporter: the field is smaller this morning. andrew yang and michael bennett ♪ i was born free dropping out last night. ♪ i was born free jillian: thank you. rob: donald trump targeting 2020 candidate michael bloomberg who seems to be mia in the campaign ♪ born free ♪ trail coming in iowa and new rob: in new hampshire it is wednesday february 12th and you hampshire, democrat billionaire are watching "fox and friends may be absent from early state first" to. ballots but behind-the-scenes he is using tremendous wealth and jillian: the results are in this influence to undermine the time. bernie sanders declared the winner in the new hampshire primary. democratic field. rob: pete buttigieg giving republicans worry this billionaire could by this election. you to debate that, laura think bernier run for his money on sanders home turf coming at a close second. and aaron elmore. michael bloomberg could spend jillian: a surprising
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third-place finisher amy klobuchar who threw down the granite state gauntlet. rob: todd pyro breaking down the $2 billion on this. results on the republican side >> money didn't win the last and bernie sanders senior election in 2016. a nation should be worried i would think the democrats, the dnc. advisor, and -- >> we start with griff jenkins bloomberg brings a truck full of in new hampshire with a play-by-play of the first in the nation primary. money and says here is over 300,$000. >> reporter: it doesn't get any what do they do? tighter at the top then we will change the rules for you, let you in the february 19th debate, they didn't do that for cory booker buttigieg and sanders, sanders claiming victory over buttigieg or the other candidates. but it was less then one% of is both claiming some sort of victory last night. the dnc wants this money. everyone should be worried, bernie sanders. rob: laura, what is your >> let me say tonight that this response? victory here is the beginning of >> the reason we are talking about this in the recent trump the end for donald trump. is talking about it is bloomberg makes him quake in his boots. >> thanks to you, a campaign bloomberg neutralizes his money advantage because he is a billionaire, more successful that some said shouldn't be here businessman and trump and able at all has shown that we are to campaign on that record. here to stay. they crossed party appeals. this is something trump should be worried about and looking at
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>> reporter: looking at those what bloomberg is doing, he's numbers sanders and buttigieg separated by 0.86%, klobuchar not attacking other democrats. he is neutralizing the advantage just shocking people with a because he is attacking trump on 19.8, warren, 9.3, biden in his record and offering himself fifth place. as an alternative. rob: the president tweeted last the two big surprises, amy klobuchar bolting herself into night, tom spier is barely a the conversation, giving a blip on the radar and says it's moderate voice, strong showing, not about money, the president said it is not easy to do what i here is what she said. do, he makes a point. >> i am so happy. i have beaten the odds more than i am going back to laura. that. i was able to get out here in new hampshire and made a difference. >> doesn't take care of everything but you see bloomberg's rise in the polls shows he has a record stand and >> reporter: the other big story is competitive and interesting how poorly the establishment candidates for joe biden did. trump is choosing to focus on he fled to south carolina early, bloomberg because all the democratic candidates are shown in a 5 to head to beat donald and here's what he said. trump showing who gets under his >> that is "the opening bell". skin and his billions are bigger than his.
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not the closing bell. rob: looking at what michael >> reporter: two dropped out. bloomberg has been doing, tv and andrew yang, the yang gang said goodbye with michael bennett. february 2, '02, they have a caucus and a week later south radio ads, and $50 million, new carolina where joe biden trying to recess a tape the struggling hampshire, and benefit of all the democrats especially with the help of the senate. campaign. now democrat won the democrat nomination without winning iowa or new hampshire. should donald trump be nervous? rob: donald trump celebrated the record-breaking victory receiving more primary votes in new hampshire than any sitting president running for reelection over the past 40 years. >> todd pyro breaks in the big >> the rnc has $70 million cash on hand so nothing to worry win. about in that regard. money doesn't necessarily win these elections. donald trump has twitter and >> reporter: the outcome on the republican side never in doubt, that is free for everyone. donald trump with 85% of the primary vote. bill wells with less than 13,000 total votes. moreover the progressives are not going to get behind mayor bloomberg in a big bank love affair. the statement reading and part, this is something bloomberg has to worry about, doesn't have a quote, his vote percentage will flyover state appeal, won't play well in the south. there are bigger issues. show historic strength when the numbers are final. rob: and popular in new york and
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california. listen to this audio of michael likely beating the last three presidents, clinton, bush and bloomberg, talking about where he managed crime in new york city. >> murdered and murderers and obama who were successfully reelected, the scale letting donald trump will crush whoever the democratic nominee is. trump taking aim at the democratic field himself, live tweeting barbs including the shot of michael bloomberg, a bad murder victims. you can't happen up all the time. night and wasn't a great day for the new york city mayor after >> reporter: what will this do this audio about stop and frisk came out. to bloomberg's campaign? >> he has to deal with it. he knows that. he already address these issues and you have seen the benefits, >> murderers and murder victims. you can xerox it and pass it on. when you see biden dropping in the poll, with african-american voters, he will build a bridge >> reporter: bloomberg apologizing for overusing stop to african-american community and frisk, could have cut it back sooner, the president attacking the backtrack. >> what stop and frisk his whole but they are responding. like all democratic voters, elect abilities the most life, then he decides to go ch important calling card looking
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at the november election and and is practically crying. it is so disingenuous. they see bloomberg as electoral. the black voters watching fox news, vote your choice, there is not a bad one in the bunch. >> comments at the aspen institute are alarming and starkly racial. everything you did practically they are always talking about stop and frisk, without sounding looked pathetic. our country doesn't need that kind of leadership. >> reporter: the president saying he would rather run like a blatant racist, a lot of work to do here and trump against bloomberg than bernie sanders because in his word sanders has real followers and bloomberg is just buying his way strategically placed commercial in. in certain neighborhoods going along way. >> trump's record is toxic on rob: thanks so much. jillian: bernie sanders, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar take the top 3 spots in new hampshire. rob: is a 3-man race? all the candidates we have seen, race, and he haspolls. chuck rocha joins us l it is great to see some solid numbers as the races been we appreciate it. called, 25.7% for bernie sanders. he won by a slim margin. a rerun for former empire actor jussie smollett. he is getting indicted again over his alleged hate crime >> we are excited. hoax.
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>> you could run mickey mouse nobody in history of presidential politics is gone against this president and have a shot. the most votes in iowa and the most votes in new hampshire and not gone on to be the nominee. >> reporter: joe biden thinks a cartoon character could beat the president. we are encouraged from what we he finished fifth and ducks out saw last night and we are ready to move on to two important of new hampshire before the polls close. state that are very diverse. something because underreported is bernie sanders, people of we have a social media blowback. color in iowa and new hampshire, it is a good indicator going ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is forward and that is one of the main challenges for senator helping many people with type 2 diabetes like james klobuchar and mayor pete. lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® >> as the field narrows down a reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. little bit, and the rise of amy here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! klobuchar, is it going to be a (announcer) and you may lose weight. socialist candidate on top of. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! this motor analysis, hard to oh! (announcer) ozempic® does not increase beat trump if the nominee is, you can see 61% say strongly the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. there's no increased risk. oh! liberal, and over the age of 75, do you believe bernie will be and i only have to take it once a week. oh! able to sustain this momentum as he is so far left? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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in the carcass, in south carolina you have a huge group manage cash flow, and run payroll. of african-americans in a primary sitting. it is held on saturday in .. nevada. lots of differences, those two hey! springboard into super tuesday and we are well-positioned to more mercy. (vo) save over 40 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. win. the easy way to a happier business. jillian: let's talk about joe biden coming in fifth place last night and the fact that he had already pretty much given up on new hampshire and moved on to south carolina. what do you make of where he is? for a lot of people sudden shift every way. >> think about the money off of victorys in the momentum, joe biden didn't have any of that and moves on to south carolina. people are voting in the state of california. in the state of colorado. and early votes start in texas. hi with the world'se first invisible trailer. if you don't have the money and infrastructure to be working forget about south carolina. that will happen no matter what invisible trailer? but you have to be forward you don't believe me? thinking, when you get hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow.
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silverado offers an optional technology package with california on super tuesday, how up to 15 different views - voters in california have already voted. the people who have the money and infrastructure to get that including one enhanced view in place are going to win. that makes your trailer appear invisible. >> what about elizabeth warren wow. who has home-field advantage and - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic. get a lot of media in new hampshire from being a massachusetts senator? >> elizabeth warren was riding a big wave this summer. her campaign was able to capitalize on it like they should have and you see her steadily go down in the polls. i love elizabeth warren, she is a good friend with senator sanders and i wish the best for her and her team but south carolina where they moved their rob: getting away from politics, former empire actor jussie money from -- out of south smollett indicted on new charges carolina into nevada she may be seeing the last stand. jillian: good to see you. related to his alleged hate crime hoax. prosecutors that he knowingly lied to police to gain attention 10 minutes after the hour, and advantage acting career. democrats talking a big game in jillian: the move is called a the granite state. political stunt. >> reporter: the empire actor >> end the era of donald trump. >> the beginning of the end for facing six new charges, special donald trump. >> reporter: can any of those prosecutors don't think they were given a good enough explanation why his original
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candidates keep new hampshire's. case was dropped. the prosecutor saying the grand streak going once they get into a slugfest with donald trump? jury investigation revealed jussie smollett planned and rob: kaylee mcinerney says the math is in the president's favor, she will break down the numbers coming up. participated in a staged he crime attack and made numerous ♪ false statements to police officers on multiple occasions. his legal team is questioning the timing of these charges saying the charges were in 2020, the jones family also had some delicious ideas. appropriately dismissed the first time because they were not supported by evidence. what if we make king's hawaiian breakfast sandwiches? the attempt to prosecute jussie yum! and king's hawaiian monkey bread! smollett one year later on the yum! eve of the state attorney's election is clearly all about politics, not justice. it was a year ago jussie smollett told police he was attacked by two masked men who yum! king's hawaiian what an irresistibly delicious idea. taunted him with homophobic and racial slurs and beat him. sweetheart, do my forearms look bigger? they look the same. police determined he staged the i've been spinning faster recently. entire thing but he denied it. >> i have been truthful and i think they're getting bigger. feel them. consistent on every level since day one. this has been a difficult time,
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2:15 am
in new hampshire on top of the record support he sign iowa are democrats out of their league on this one? joining us live from new hampshire, kaylee mcinerney. thanks for coming on and let's look at the numbers, the gop primary, you can see the president against the governor of neighboring massachusetts winning the new hampshire primary 85 percent-9%. >> donald trump at the highest voter turnout of any incumbent in four decades in the highest percentage of the vote of any incumbent in the past four decades. when you juxtapose that against bernie sanders who had the lowest vote total of any democrat's nominee and 68 years it is quite something. the enthusiasm and donald trump's side, democrats of the dumpster fire, they have a real mess on their side. >> let's look at 2016, 35.3%,
2:16 am
when you look at the general election compared to hillary clinton and we go to the general election and you see hillary clinton was able to do this one out 46.8% over trump's 46.5%. how do you expect the president to do this time around. >> the self-declared socialist democrat takes home a finish in new hampshire. >> we expect him to win new hampshire. that was a small percentage rob: can a democrat party hillary clinton won, 2700 votes. embracing bernie sanders as a when we look at a rally data from just two nights ago we see potential nominee or are his policies too far to the left? 17% of those who registered for thanks for coming on. can they get around bernie the rally never vote in an election, the three times the number you needed to win in 2016, 25% more than that, we are sanders? >> i think he will have trouble adding to the trump coalition, down the road. he has a strong base but a good democrats have to get their party in order and their act example is what happened in new hampshire. he did he got a victory but he together and we are building the trump coalition stronger than ever. rob: we don't know who will win the nomination but i have a ends up leaving the state with
2:17 am
the same number of delegates as mayor pete and at the end of the day received less than half the romanticized vision of trump raw vote and half of the versus sanderson the theme of capitalism versus socialism and these candidates that have these percentage he had four years ago massive crowds following them incensed hillary clinton to her around like celebrity status in politics. he won by 20 points four years ago he only won by one point in this election. what do you think that election matchup would look like? what would the voter turnout be as he moves south, we see what with these two? >> i don't think bernie sanders more traditional democrats do in will compared to donald trump in the ability he has to pull out people camping overnight in blue terms of mine already influence states. on the vote in the democratic primary and we will see that become very problematic. you are exactly right, m. when you are running against the hottest economy, paychecks jillian: looking at a poll here, would you vote for a socialist growing fastest, middle income, candidate 53% said they would not, that goes with what you are median household income, when you're running against that and saying and a lot of democrats out there are more moderate and change the economic system to they will see what is going on and how bernie is running away become the soviet union, that is with these. not a winning message and will crystallize in the minds of voters as you get closer to the general election. you wonder at what point is this going to change if it does? >> we expected pete buttigieg to
2:18 am
come out, that was not a >> it changes when you get into surprise but i look at what territories where it has more influence on the vote. happened with amy klobuchar and he is doing well with young you see the rise of amy that has voters, not doing as well with been quick and sudden and that senior voters, the more tells you about socialism and traditional democrats and that is where he will run into what people really want. problems. >> bernie sanders won two the last point, as the field goes out some, as the field fans contests. you are right to say amy klobuchar came in third, that surprised the democrat party but that says to me there is a out you will see him going against a larger block of voters then we saw last night, particularly number 2 or number 3. discontentment when this field, klobuchar in third, buttigieg right under bernie sanders, biden who will likely perform well in south carolina, this is a mess, they can't coalesce rob: you had andrew yang drop around the candidate away in 2016 in national vote totals out last night and others soon donald trump was always in the to follow, biden and elizabeth lead. there was one brief moment where another candidate came up for a few days. he was always before on leader of this party and is still today. warren with 0 delegates in new rob: the dnc has to be nervous hampshire. that is extremely embarrassing. what did you make of these about nevada as well. results? >> biden from the beginning was
2:19 am
facing a real problem in new hampshire. we appreciate it. i have not seen many polls that bernie sanders, pete buttigieg have shown him anywhere close to and amy klobuchar finishing one 23. >> reaction to the top-tier. being competitive in the state. he probably made a good move in >> we are at the airport diner south carolina. that is where he was staying in manchester, nobody here yet. you are stuck talking to me but there is history in this place. "fox and friends" was here four with the crowd but liked him. years ago for our first diner, jillian: is it enough for him? first in the nation primary, a >> it may not be. the real question is not just big win last night. biden and warren but the we will talk to people but before that sets the scene, don't go anywhere on "fox and bloomberg strategy is a strategy friends first". to have no strong frontrunner to [music (plays throughout): lack of afro - recipe for love] come out of the first four and on supertuesday with his large media by, overwhelms everyone. one person who benefited the most last night was bloomberg more than anyone. rob: there is talk about a brokered convention. what happens if you don't have 1991 delegates when you get to
2:20 am
milwaukee in july, what could happen there and the power those delegates have and how things could change. >> there are different rules for different states, different rules for this convention. you have on the first ballot many of the delegates that are committed to vote for who they ♪ i've got so much love to give ♪ ♪ i've got so much more to give, baby ♪ went to the convention representing which candidate so you have some the can change their votes in some do not and to start your retirement plan, find an advisor at that leads to a backdoor back [sfx: mnemonic] room willy-nilly. you have the rules of the convention said during the first week before the convection -- convention and the first may vote on during the convention. you could have a last-minute change. last of all what is different is the superdelegates not coming into play until after the first ballot. it could be very very dramatic.
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rob: democrat socialist bernie sanders running the nation's first primary and new hampshire narrowly beating pete buttigieg with amy klobuchar seeing a huge surge. jillian: pete hegseth in manchester, the first diner "fox and friends" was that four years ago. are you more surprised by how well amy klobuchar did or perhaps the lack of support for elizabeth warren, what surprises you more? >> reporter: what a surprising fall for elizabeth warren. that surprised me a little more hey there! lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. because bernie sanders, the i'm lonnie from lonnie's lumber. if you need lumber wood, revolutionary socialist wing of the party has taken over so strongly. lonnie's is better than good. we got oak, cherry, walnut, and more. that translated to bernie sanders but warren when she put forward the plan she did and and we also have the best selection of plywood didn't have a plan to pay for it which throws people off their (clattering) in the state... hey! (high-pitched laughter) private insurance, she was the man: dang woodchucks! (wood clattering) stop chuckin' that wood! dollar store version of bernie sanders, bernie sanders has been with geico, the savings keep on going.
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just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more the original socialist from the on car insurance. beginning, amy klobuchar benefits from the fall of joe biden. there will be a moderate lane in this race. bernie will catch the socialist side, far left which he has, joe biden will fade. the question is who comes up, amy klobuchar fill that space, pete buttigieg is the hope and change version but with south carolina and nevada looming you will get clarity which is to create an opportunity for one of the more it is more complex and michael bloomberg is waiting in the wings, he's a great candidate but over 1 billion or 2 in spending could change any race. nothing was clarified last night except for joe biden is in a world of hurt if he can't turn this around quickly, not even south carolina and nevada can save him. rob: if warren drops or when she drops if she drops out where does her support go? to go to burn your klobuchar? >> reporter: some could go to >> donald trump's demonstrated
2:25 am
the last guy he wanhave a shot. mayor pete since he is the younger version of the establishment guy they have been looking for. i don't think anyone who tells you they can prognosticate this is being honest about it especially with the bloomberg factor. i don't mean to overplay but he's running ads, joe biden doesn't have any money, certainly elizabeth warren doesn't have the money to compete bernie, pete buttigieg will raise some but they won't have the amount bloomberg does so if the lane is wide open you can see him saying it takes 1 billion or 2 beat a billionaire, i'm not a socialist but i bet on bernie sanders from the beginning of this race a couple years ago, that is where the soul of the democrat party is, they feel cheated out, they were cheated out by hillary clinton last time. i look forward to talking to diners, getting a sense why they pulled the lever for who they pulled it for and how they see this race going forward. jillian: you will be there all morning celebrating the 4 year anniversary of our first breakfast with friends.
2:26 am
>> the problem is donald trump was at the first diner, tucker carlson was at the first diner, chris christie was at first diner, this is the middle of the republican primary. i can't say we will have any of those guests this morning. we will have a few surprises. rob: some interesting characters. jillian: you are all they need to. >> i don't think that is going to cut it. jillian: it is 26 after the hour, michael bloomberg mia in new hampshire, never got his name on the ballot. rob: he does have many billions of dollars, back up the truck and buy some serious ads but does the former mayor have a realistic shot given some of his past policies like stop and frisk? jillian: a democrat and republican on deck coming your way next.
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>> this victory here is the beginning of the end of donald trump. >> thanks to you a campaign sunset shouldn't be here at all has shown that we were here to stay. >> we have beaten the odds every step of the way, the best is yet to come. let's get to work, everyone. thank you. jillian: the results are in, bernie sanders declared the winner in the new hampshire primary, pete buttigieg giving bernie run for his money coming in at a close second. rob: a tight race. the surprising third-place win for amy klobuchar with a major
2:31 am
surgeon the granite state. jillian: we have 5 fox news team coverage, laura think it republican strategist aaron elmore on deck to debate. rob: caroline shively with a play-by-play of the first in the nation primary. >> reporter: it wasn't a blowout we had four years ago but bernie sanders taking the win in new hampshire. >> victories with the popular vote in iowa and the victory tonight, we are going to nevada, south carolina. >> reporter: former mayor pete buttigieg finis overall.
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>> joe biden didn't stuck around in new hampshire long enough to face the major blow his campaign was dealt, but evidently he thinks mickey mouse could beat him. maria: carly similar cuts here with your reaction online. >> hey, good morning, guys. after of a dismal showing, some people are saying joe biden is no longer in any position to talk about electability, and that's crazy, because he was the guy that could most easily beat president trump. on twitter, oh, boy, an empty suit could be biden. and matt chiming in saying mickey mouse would have placed better than fifth in new hampshire. joe biden says his campaign is
2:57 am
just getting started and iowa, new hampshire are not a represent he's of more ethnically diverse states that are still to come. >> it sounds like the democrats don't have a lot of confidence in the fairness of this process. >> yeah. it appears there's a lot of skepticism and distrust within the democratic party. a brand new fox news poll shows just 14% of people are confident that the democratic party's nomination process will be fair. 44% say somewhat, 14% say not at all. this all has to do with senator sanders and iowa. andrew says if the dnc conducted a fair and unbuy gassed nomination process and bernie lost fair and square, i have no doubt his supporters would unite behind the nominee. but if they cheat bernie, that would be a different story. ten out of ten are confident their candidates are a disaster. i have a feeling this person is a republican.
2:58 am
guys? >> listen to this. >> tonight i am announcing i am suspending my campaign for presidency. thank you so much. [applause] >> andrew yang! andrew yang! >> yeah. a tough night for andrew yang's fervent supporters a lot who are very savvy on social media. the hashtag yang 2024 began trending immediate lu, and candidateses on the campaign trail also responded. amy klobuchar says, andrew, i will miss you on the campaign trai. you've inspired so many new people to join pal ticks, pete buttigieg also chiming in saying andrew yang went on to make a big impact with his campaign, preparing for america's future x. this person is very upset. i'm in actual terraces over this. what a cruel, cruel -- glad i have jesus. so this person relying on her faith. but that's okay because andrew
2:59 am
yang posted a tweet and said that he will be back. so there's a political future, i thiel it's just -- >> and, you know, i will say he did bring a lot of different topics -- >> absolutely. >> more interesting. >> a totally different kind of candidates for the democrats. >> thanks, carly. >> thanks, guys. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. many. ♪ brian: all right. bernie sanders declared the winner of the new hampshire primary. >> the vermont senator says he's just getting started. >> thank you, new hampshire! this is a movement from coast to coast. we're going to nevada, we're going to south carolina, we're going to win those states as well. [cheers and applause] steve: and the crowd went while. mayor pete buttigieg coming in a
3:00 am
close second and senator amy klobuchar rounding out the top three after a last minute surge


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